Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Competition - LiveDrive's Irish Track of the Year 2017

Some of you may remember that last year we ran our month long search to find an ultimate LiveDrive alternative Christmas anthem, well this year we're doing something a bit different. We want to select LiveDrive's favourite Irish track of 2017. We're looking for nominations from you guys. The rules are simple, the track has to have been released this year, and at least one of the band members must be Irish. Our judges will whittle it down to a shortlist of three. If the song you nominated is in the shortlist, you get a LiveDrive Christmas goodie bag. The winning song will be playlisted daily for our last week before Christmas. Nominations close at 6pm this Friday the 8th December 2017.  Send your entries to us via direct message on Twitter @LiveDrive or text or Whatsapp 0871791032.

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