Monday, June 12, 2017

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) has announced a new symbol system for Emergency Diversions on the M50

Incidents are a major contributor to commuter delays with about 120 incidents occurring in a typical month on the M50, over half of them during rush hour traffic.

Serious incidents require the involvement of many different agencies including An Garda Síochána, Dublin Fire Brigade, the four Dublin Local Authorities, TII and the Motorway Traffic Control Centre. The various agencies involved came together in 2015 to form the Interagency Incident Coordination Group (IICG).  The IICG convenes in the event of a major incident so that the decision makers from each agency can coordinate a combined multiagency response.

“The incident response service involving all agencies is on call 24/7/365. This emergency diversion signage will assist in mitigating the impact of a major incident but not eliminate time delays.” Sean O’Neill

Currently symbols are in place from J4 (Ballymun)–J5 (Finglas), J5 (Finglas) -J6 (Blanchardstown) and J7 (Liffey Valley) - J9 (Red Cow). 

In the coming months the entire M50 will have a diversion route identified that will include J3 (at the M1 merge) to J17 (at the M11 merge), except for J6 (Blanchardstown) to (Liffey Valley) where no suitable alternative route exists.

Each symbol correlates to a specified diversion.  (See symbols below).

Diversion maps can be found the following links:

Agreement with the relevant Local Authorities is currently being finalised for additional junctions and signage will be completed for the critical sections by the end of the year.

Electronic signs on the M50 will be used to inform drivers when diversions are in place and each diversion route will be indicated by a specific symbol which drivers will be directed to follow.

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