Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New 'CrowdAlert' Traffic App

A lot of our listeners have got onto us recently and asked about the possibility of using Smartphone apps to help in dealing with traffic. Well, we've got some news on that front.

Dublin City Council are taking part in the EU funded INSIGHT project, part of which aims to develop a smartphone app 'Crowd Alert' that allows users to give feedback on traffic incidents taking place in their area, and verify details for DCC's Traffic controllers, enabling those in the Traffic Management Centre to respond quicker when collisions and other incidents happen around the city.

The app is now in the beta-testing phase, and DCC are looking for members of the public with Android phones to download the app and test it out. They're looking for users to experiment with the features of the app and report events (even fake ones) to test how well the app handles it.

To download the app and find out more information on how it works. Search for 'CrowdAlert' on Google Store (or follow this link):

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